USB Rubber Ducky: More than just a Duck or a USB Drive

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USB Rubber Ducky Hacker Tool

Greetings, cybernauts! Today we’re going to take a look at a device that, at first glance, looks like a regular USB flash drive, but is much more than that.

What is a USB Rubber Ducky?

USB Rubber Ducky – is a device that looks like a regular USB drive, but actually functions as a HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard. When this “duck” is connected to a computer, it starts entering pre-loaded commands as if the user were typing them.

How USB Rubber Ducky works: Trust is the key

USB Rubber Ducky works on the basis of a simple but brilliant concept: computers trust keyboards. As soon as the Ducky is connected, it is automatically recognised as a keyboard and starts typing a pre-configured script, literally executing various commands at lightning speed.

Getting Started with USB Rubber Ducky: Three simple steps

  1. Writing a Ducky Script: Ducky Script is a simple programming language designed to write commands for the USB Rubber Ducky. In one line of code, you can, for example, open the command line or the browser.
  2. Compilation: After writing a script, you need to compile it into a binary file, which can then be downloaded to the device.
  3. Executing the programme with USB Rubber Ducky: Now you’re ready to go! Connect USB Rubber Ducky to any device with a USB port and it will start executing your script.

USB Rubber Ducky is a powerful tool for penetration testing and training. However, remember that its illegal use can lead to serious consequences. With great power comes great responsibility!

In conclusion, USB Rubber Ducky is a unique tool in the world of cybersecurity. While its use may raise ethical questions, understanding it gives us a better idea of how to protect ourselves from such threats.

Take care of yourself and your information!

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