Hacking and its Code of Honor: The Key to Understanding Cybersecurity

The hacker code of honor Ethics and Freedom

Greetings, cybernauts! Let’s plunge into the fascinating world of hacker culture and get acquainted with the Hacker Code of Honor. Hacking is an art that is all about breaking boundaries to find knowledge and uncover secrets. Hackers are people who think outside the box of standard concepts and common stereotypes. Hacker Code of Honor: Respect … Read more

Alternative Reality Game (ARG): Exploring the Impact on Cybersecurity and the Hiring Process

Alternate reality game

Welcome to the fascinating world of ARGs, or Alternate Reality Games. Let’s learn how they are used in cybersecurity and even in the hiring process. What is ARG? ARG (Alternate Reality Games) – are interactive online games that use the real world as a platform to create an immersive historical narrative. They blur the lines … Read more

Chronicles of CyberWars: Stuxnet – The Revolutionary Role in the World of CyberSecurity

Stuxnet cyberweapon meme

Today we are going to travel back to 2010 and dive into a mysterious story that still causes excitement in the cybersecurity world – the Stuxnet worm 🦠 In its own way, it was not just another virus, but the first “cyber weapon” that changed the rules of political and military games, ushering in a … Read more