Google’s Web Environment Integrity: How It Can Impact Your Online Privacy

Google's Web Environment Integrity: A Potential Threat to Internet Privacy

What is Google’s Web Environment Integrity? Google has started testing a new web API known as Web Environment Integrity. The news has stirred up considerable concern within the developer community and among privacy-conscious users. This new system is purported to detect and block any third-party interference with website code. Google suggests that this move is … Read more

Unmasking a Cryptocurrency Scam: How Elon Musk is being used to defraud YouTube

🎬 Elon Musk and cryptocurrency scams: A YouTube show worth watching. But what is really going on? ❔ The essence of what is happening: Owners and editors of YouTube channels fall victim to phishing and, unknowingly, give attackers access to their channels. The latter, in turn, organize broadcasts in which Elon Musk allegedly glorifies cryptocurrency … Read more