Chronicles of CyberWars: Stuxnet – The Revolutionary Role in the World of CyberSecurity

Stuxnet cyberweapon meme

Today we are going to travel back to 2010 and dive into a mysterious story that still causes excitement in the cybersecurity world – the Stuxnet worm 🦠 In its own way, it was not just another virus, but the first “cyber weapon” that changed the rules of political and military games, ushering in a … Read more

Exploring Mastodon: A Rising Star in Decentralized Social Networks

Exploring Mastodon: A Rising Star in Decentralized Social Networks

The realm of social media is in a constant state of flux. Amid this change, Mastodon has surfaced as an exciting alternative. The seismic shift in Twitter’s trajectory following its acquisition by Elon Musk in 2022 stirred up a search for alternatives. Among the various options, Mastodon has caught the public eye for its innovative … Read more

Security Analyst and SOC: Your Guardians in The World of Cybersecurity

Security Analyst and SOC Your Guardians in The World of Cybersecurity

Today I want to tell you in more detail about one of the careers in cybersecurity – the Security Analyst, which plays a very important role in the world of cybersecurity. Namely, about specialists working in Security Operations Centers (or simply SOCs). By the way, this profession is great for beginners in the field of … Read more

Cybersecurity Careers: Overview of the Key Specializations

Cybersecurity Careers

Have you ever wondered what the term “cybersecurity specialist” means? It’s a catch-all term for a number of cybersecurity careers or specializations that differ significantly from each other in terms of direction (defense/attack) and technical requirements. Let’s dive into this world and learn more about each role. ⌨️ Security Analyst A Security Analyst is a … Read more

Unmasking a Cryptocurrency Scam: How Elon Musk is being used to defraud YouTube

🎬 Elon Musk and cryptocurrency scams: A YouTube show worth watching. But what is really going on? ❔ The essence of what is happening: Owners and editors of YouTube channels fall victim to phishing and, unknowingly, give attackers access to their channels. The latter, in turn, organize broadcasts in which Elon Musk allegedly glorifies cryptocurrency … Read more